Museo della Repubblica Romana e della memoria garibaldina

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The tour stretches through the four floors of the building, exploring the historical events of the Roman Republic and the Garibaldine tradition. It is divided into sections where multimedia and traditional historical materials introduce the topic of the room.
With the help of interactive maps and pictures, films, videos and models, accompanying paintings, prints and memorabilia, you can recall the places, times and the main protagonists of the events of those years, from the 1848 risings to Pius IX’s liberal papacy, from the pope’s flight to Gaeta to the proclamation of the Roman Republic and the promulgation of the Constitution, and ultimately to its tragic conclusion with the French siege that led to the end of this experience.

Twenty years old heroes. The young defenders of the Republic.

When the Republic was founded, many patriots arrived to Rome from all over Italy, determined to fight for the defence of the city, but also for the longed-for national unity. Besides well known figures in the Italian and international panorama, such as Mazzini and Garibaldi, there were also Goffredo Mameli, who came from Liguria, Pietro Pietramellara from Emilia; Giacomo Medici, Luciano Manara, Enrico Cernuschi, Emilio Morosini, Enrico Dandolo, from Lumbardy, Giacomo Venezian from Veneto, Pietro Cironi, Nicola Fabrizi and Filippo De Boni from Tuscany, Carlo Pisacane from Neaples, Giovanni Nicotera from Calabria, just to mention a few.
 The Roman university Battalion fought with great courage, receiving also the praise of Garibaldi. Many of these young people lost their lives for defence of the Republic. Goffredo Mameli’s profile remains emblematic, a lieutenant of the Garibaldi Legion who was injured in his left leg by one of his comrades on June 3 1849. He died three days later.

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