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Info and Booking:
+ 39 060608 (daily, h. 9.00 – 21.00, local call costs apply)

General information

Groups (max 25 persons)
Entrance upon recommended reservation calling 060608. (Booking fee for group: € 25,00)
Guided tour not included.
Also available is a service of guided tours in several languages, with fee and upon booking.
Guided tours for groups:
Language: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German
Maximum visitors: 25
duratation: 45 minutes
Price: € 90,00
Booking: required
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School Groups:

Entrance from Tuesday to Friday only upon reservation calling 060608.
Saturday and Sunday free admission.

Guided tours are free of charge only for the schools of Rome and Province of Rome, and subject to availability.
Guided tours cost € 70,00 per school group.
Educational workshops are free of charge only for the schools of Rome and Province of Rome, and subject to availability.
Educational workshops cost € 140,00.
Max 25 pupils/students per school group (including teachers and carers).
For school groups accompanied by their teachers, admission to the museum is upon showing a school headed paper containing the list of pupils/students and accompanying teachers/professors.
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Teachers and Pros:

Musei in Comune has joined the project "Educare alle mostre educare alla città" dedicated to teachers with meetings and visits conducted by directors and curators of museums, experts and academics.

Guided tours of the exhibitions, courses, teaching appointments, meetings and other activities on archeology, urban transformations, music, science, contemporary art: all of this is offered for free from October to May, with afternoon appointments, a wide choice in which teachers will  choose appropriately activities for their classes.
Advance booking is required at + 39 060608 (daily, from 9:00 to 21:00) at the cost of a local call.
Participation is limited.
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    Concessions and Free of charge: conditions

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